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EmploymentCheck by Cantium

Cantium’s e-Bulk solution, EmploymentCheck, is a fully compliant, DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) approved E-Broker system. The solution allows us to deliver a fast and reliable DBS Service that offers you control over your disclosures. Cantium has significant experience in the DBS field which is utilised to offer both an efficient and hassle-free Umbrella body service and also a customised solution for e-RB’s and RO’s looking to retain full control of the DBS process.


DBS Checks

By using our EmploymentCheck solution, you will have peace of mind that your new recruits are cleared and safe to onboard into your organisation. We are here to help you build a safe workspace, so you can have the peace of mind that your company is in the right hands.

EmploymentCheck allows you to set up Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks for new recruits, permanent staff, volunteers, interns, contractors and non-paid workers and automated email notifications keep you up to date with the progress of applications right up to when the disclosure result is received.


Basic Disclosure Checks

EmploymentCheck also allows for the processing of DBS Basic Checks, which show information on unspent criminal convictions and are undertaken as part of the Disclosure and Barring Service. As an employer yourself, you can initiate checks and receive online certificate results for new and existing employees. For roles based in Scotland, Cantium can also assist with completion Disclosure Scotland Basic Checks.


DBS Guidance

Our team of DBS experts are able to draw on their extensive experience working with DBS legislation to offer guidance on any questions relating to the DBS process including eligibility and ID verification. We will help you to develop your own DBS processes to ensure a thorough and consistent approach is taken at all times.


Reference Checks

Our integrated referencing service allows employers to run comprehensive pre-employment screenings on applicants for the purpose of obtaining employer or personal references. Initiate, chase and receive references for new employees online and receive notifications when a completed reference has been returned.


A Fully-Hosted Solution

Cantium’s EmploymentCheck service is fully hosted and operated within a secure ISO 27001 environment. EmploymentCheck incorporates automated processes and intelligent validation to ensure fast, accurate and secure submission of checks. EmploymentCheck is an online solution, accessible from any internet enabled device and is fully mobile compatible.

Our platform is available 24/7 which allows for a flexible approach for initiating DBS, DBS Basics, Reference and Disclosure Scotland Basic checks. Built-in functionality also allows DBS applications to be tracked whilst they are in progress.


Our Solutions

If you process less than 1,500 DBS (Standard/Enhanced) or less than 1,000 DBS Basic applications per year and want peace of mind that your checks will be countersigned by experts in the DBS field, our Umbrella solution is perfect for you.

If you submit over 1,500 enhanced or standard or 1,000 basic checks a year and already hold or are looking to obtain the e-RB or RO registrations, we can create your own branded website to create and countersign your own checks. Additionally, having your own site will allow you to customise automated chase emails, create your own bespoke reports through our report builder and offer you total control over the full DBS process. You will also have the flexibility to select a range of user profiles and adjust permission rules to suit your needs.


Further Information

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